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Saturday, September 19, 2009





Condo - Ref #C120

Price | Sale 1,000,000 Baht (app $29,500us)

DISTRICT: Chiang Mai,
CITY: Chiang Mai,Thailand.

Srianant Condo Town
Building B - Room # *** (3rd floor)

1 lounge, 1bedroom, 1 kitchen 1 bathroom,

Next to the Chiang Mai Ram 2 Hospital
2nd right past the Hospital on the Chiang Mai - Mai Jo Highway.

Rimping Super Market is just down the road.
This condo is 5 to 10 minute walk from large open air food markets, Super Market. Hospital 2 minutes.
It is in easy reach of local golf courses and supermarkets.

Large lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom

It has a large modern kitchen.

1 bedroom

1 lounge

1 bathroom

Cable tv

Internet access

24h Security

Fully furnished

We are listing this for Sweet Herbal Gardens.

Condo For Sale at a Reasonable Price

70 square meters (700 sq feet)
A. This one bedroom condo has been completely rebuilt with all
new piping, fixtures, furniture and tile.

1. List of new Kitchen features
Tiled to the ceiling
Tiled counter top
Electric stove with oven and hood
Two door refrigerator/freezer
Venetian blinds
S.S. double sink

2. New bathroom features
Shower over tub
Commode, hand basin and mirror
Chrome plumbing fixures
Hot water tank with insulated copper pipes
All PVC drains
Tiled to ceiling

3. New lounge features
Solid wood furniture
Parquet floor refinished
Window grille

4. General features
Repainted all rooms
Drop ceilings in all rooms
New switches and electric outlets in all rooms
New mattresses on both beds
New floor tile in bathroom and kitchen
All furniture is solid, no chipboard
Extra cupboards and clothes cabinets in each room.

B. Apartment features

Front door secured by keyed dead bolt

Located on the fourth floor next to a fire stair

Hallways are lighted at night

A live telephone line is available in both rooms and broad band is available as is cable T.V.

All windows are draped and screened

Because this is on the 4th floor it is possible for a foreigner to own a fee title deed in his own name. The building is mostly Thai owned as it has been used for vacations by Thai owners so it is very quiet.

C. Finance
It should be financed off shore as unless the Thai Government is involved the Banks will not loan to a foreigner usually. Taxes and transfer costs are shared between buyer and seller and these are reasonable. The only other expenses are a service charge of 8,000 THB per year for the building and security guards. Entry to the building is by a coded card.

D. Building and compound

1. The building is poured concrete and contains about 45 single rooms. After we bought, we put two rooms together and it is one of the few one bedroom apartments in the compound with a kitchen.
2. There are 12 buildings in this compound with small shops on the ground floor.
3. The current shops are small grocery, computer games, book rental, coffee shop, coin laundry, serviced laundry, hair dresser.
4. There is adequate parking for all tenants with motorcycles or automobiles.
5. Entry card required to pass the compound guard.
6. Within walking distance, bus to Mai Jo or Chiang Mai, noodle shops, bank, fish restaurant and drugstore.
7. Nearby is the large Rim Ping Market, two other banks, gasoline stations and other fresh vegetable markets and restaurants.
8. A new large central department store complex is going to be built on the corner of the super highway and Sasaket Road, which is within 600 meters of the apartment.


The land office gave an estimate of the cost of taxes and documentation of about 14,565 THB ($436us) to be split between the buyer and the seller. Title deed to be given at time of sale at land office and reissued with your name added on the back. A foreigner can only own in his name if the apartment is above the second floor.

Contact Us

Phone: (66) 53 35 40 50 Mobile: (66) 86 659 9958



For Thai or English language

75/1 moo 7 T. Nongjom A. Sansai
Chiang Mai 50210

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Odasan and his family back to the USA

Price | Sale 300,000 Baht (app $8500) SOLD
Thanks for all the help in getting Mr. Bohsan - Odasan and his family back to the USA
The land, Condo and his truck are now all sold.

They leave for Hawaii at the end of this week.

Srianant Condo Town
Building J - Room # 303
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 4m x 8m
style kitchen

Built by

Friday, June 26, 2009

House for rent Ref #H013 | Saraphi |Chiang Mai

House for rent Ref #H013

DISTRICT: Saraphi, Chiang Mai

HOUSE FOR RENT - Corner Lot - Short-term or Long-term lease

Please call or email to see.
Phone: 086-514-9609 or 053 423 556

Located in the Lannathanee Village near Saraphi District. See Map.

Near Supermarkets, Golf Driving School, Short Drive to Airport and City.

  • 24 hour Security
  • Large Community Swimming Pool
  • 2 Storey Brick Construction
  • Air Conditioned
  • 3 Bedrooms (Master has Large Balcony)
  • Parquet Flooring
  • Study Room
  • 2 Western styled Bathrooms- Shower and Tub
  • Western styled Kitchen
  • Garden Furniture, Trees and Plants
  • Gated Carport
  • House is Curtained and Partly Furnished
  • Rental 20.000 Bt per month or Long Lease Rental Negotiable
Medical, international schools, golf course and
Shopping Mall are all within easy reach.
Secure village, 5 km out towards Saraphi

261/141 Soi 1, Lannathanee Village

Super Highway-Lampang Rd.

Just past the BIG C - Chiang Mai

20,000 THB month or negotiable long lease.

Phone 66 (0) 53 423 556


Built by

Monday, May 18, 2009

Build your Home on this land

Were else in the World could you build a Home
in surroundings like Sweet Herbal Gardens for only $8,000 usd

Southern Addition Sites.

Leases are being offered for building sites in the Sweet Compound, Southern addition. We are looking for lessees that want to retire in Thailand because of the reduced living expenses, temperate climate and the hospitality of the Thai people. In addition medical facilities are modern with reasonable costs and many well trained doctors available. Our Mornoi-clinic of natural medicine will offer discounts to any permanent residence of Sweet Compound.

Between 10 and 14 sites will be set out and will offer the first six months rent free during the construction period. An initial deposit of $3,000 US is required to be paid along with your signature to start the first lease running. Up to three ten year leases can run consecutively giving a total of 30 years of occupancy.

Assistance with home construction is offered as all buildings on the Sweet Compound were construction with our own labor at a cost of approximately $90.00 US per square meter ($9.00 per sq ft). See pictures on our web site, a two bedroom, two bath single story retirement home can be built for about $8,000 U.S. We can do drawings and necessary permits and assist as needed, having built all our own buildings from the beginning.

Actual costs for each lease are listed below. In order to save administrative costs rent should be paid each year, ½ year or ¼ year.

1st lease 10 years, 120 months at $45 per month, $540 per year for 10 years
2nd lease 10 years, 120 months at $60 per month, $720 per year for 10 years*
3rd lease 10 years, 120 months at $75 per month, $900 per year for 10 years*

*The second and third 10 year leases are not set, but can be renegotiated if the economy or inflation do not remain reasonable.

Each lease includes land taxes, all non-potable water and electric power @5.00THB per KW hour. If any of these costs increase a proration of the increase will be made. If the owner wishes to have their house managed and rented in his absence, we will take only 10% as a fee from the rent received.

Thank you.
Bud and Noi Sweet

Contact Us

Phone: (66) 53 35 35 56 Mobile: (66) 86 659 9958



For Thai or English language

75/1 moo 7 T. Nongjom A. Sansai
Chiang Mai 50210

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