Monday, April 12, 2010

ChiangMai Rocks

Armed and Dangerous
ChiangMai is Rocking

Sawadee pee mai

(Happy New Year)

is off to a good start

The only water cannons we have seen so far
are being "maned" by beautiful young girls.

ChiangMai is having its own Songkran with thousands of Thai families
joining in the fun

Our Stall is right in the center of
Thapae Gate

Akha Hill Tribe Products

ArThai | Thai art from ChiangMai
and the North of Thailand
Art Thai

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sawadee pee mai | Song Kran ChiangMai 2010

Sawadee pee mai

(Happy New Year)

Songkran is here again

Information on

Chiang Mai

the Far North of Thailand.

Sawadee pee mai

Songkran is Thailand's largest

Songkran is the Thai new

The largest and most
popular of the many New Year celebrations here.

Traditionally the pouring
of water over another persons hands as a mark of respect

has turned into the Worlds largest water fight.

The festival is held in
mid-April when the weather is hot and the celebrations are a relief
from the oppressive summer heat. Thailand’s countrywide water fight
festival generally lasts for three days, from the 13th to the 15th of

The huge amount of water
that is spread all over ChiangMai could even cause
an early start to the wet season, what goes up must come down!

So come up to ChiangMai
Take a break from the Bangkok HEAT and enjoy!

11th April 5 - 11pm

Opening of Songkran festival

Three Kings Monument

12th - 15th April
Celebration of 714th Anniversary of ChiangMai
Thapae Gate

Our Stall is right in the center of Thapae Gate

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our new Office & Shop - House

Our new Office and Shop - House

to name a few are all run from our split level Office

  • charcoal art

    Quality art and handy crafts from the North of Thailand

    Call in for a free coffee and chat with Andy or Grant when you are in ChiangMai

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